The Book Update

I am still spending a huge amount of time editing this, and its taking much, much longer than I believed.

I first wrote the book
then re-wrote to try to correct grammar and spelling,
then discovered it was all very stuffy reading.
so re-wrote it to try and read in the way I speak
and now its back into a load of corrections again.

I think every writer goes through this.

Content has been growing and contracting.
I am trying to respond to several questions people have asked me after I and we have publically performed these story poems, so with this book I am also attempting to include more references to serve these questions.

I am explaining the mythologies that inspired me to write the poems
The background to the stories I have included in the poems
How to grow and care for the trees
Their nutrition and medicine
The useful crafting we can do with tree material
and how they may be used as a sustainable fuel for our heat needs.

You can wander through pages on this site 
to see notes I have written and am working with.

I have revised release dates.
Click here to read these

The Recordings Update

Recording has been a rocky road
First this was due to equipment problems
then various personal matters that were essential to deal with.

Recording resumed and the results we like a lot :-)

Now it is down the extensive editing time as some tracks had 100s of takes, while others were down in one or two takes. New ideas keep coming out during editing, but I am very happy about where this is going.

The summer had been a huge distraction with visitors, extreme hot weather and labyrinth garden to maintain.

Also, I was finding editing while wearing headphones quite difficult.
I now have a simple monitoring system and that works very well.
Audio editing is happening again.

Hopefully you will find the complete recorded work quite enchanting ans surreal :-)

We look forward to sharing these with you asap.
Thank you for your patience.