the Summer of our Life

Our Second Season - our summer ...
our blossoming, our connecting

In an astrology chart this would relate to our second quarter,
our discovery of how we connect to people, the elements, the ebb and flow through the cycles of nature and how all this helps us to grow stronger and whole.

The five tree symbols in this quarter ... 

Huathe the Hawthorn - mating
flirting, courting and mischief
click for my story poem and hawthorn web site

Duir the Oak - accountability
being present and accountable to all things around us at all time
click for my story poem and oak web site

Tinne the Holly - courage
having courage to release honest affirmations and prayers
click for my story poem and holly web site

Coll the Hazel - nourishment
be willing to receive nourishment beyond food
click for my story poem and hazel web site

Quirt the Apple - connection
accepting our inspirations and dreams as our memory and guide
click for my story poem and apple web site

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