Trees for Protection and Medicine

I will come back to this page and dress it up soon
but for now, here's a list of medical properties
and the trees that be of aid.

Click each tree name for the healing page on each tree for a bit more info,
such as...  is fruit, blossoms, leaves, twigs, bark or root best?

Note I have classified ...
"home remedies" that are safe to make at home and consume in moderation
as long as you consult a herbalist first, especially if you are on medications.
"herbalist" with tree plant material that really does need herbalist guidance.

So here we go ...

alterative - where the herb is powerful enough to be restorative
home remedy = elder

analgesic - relieves pain
herbalist = poplar

anodyne - relieves pain
herbalist = willow

anthelmintic - cleanses parasites and worms
home remedy = birch, ash, hazel, gorse

anti-inflammatory - aids reductions of heat, fever and swellings
home remedy, external only = pine, poplar

antimicrobial - inhibits unbalanced invasion of micro-organisms
home remedy = pine

antiplatelet - blood thinner
herbalist = poplar

antipyretic - reduces fever
herbalist = poplar

antirheumatic - relieves rheumatism
home remedy = birch
herbalist = poplar

antiscorbutic - prevention and relief of vitamin C deficiency
herbalist = rowan

antiseptic - prevents the growth of disease-causing micro-organisms.
home remedy, external only = willow, pine, heather

antispasmodic - relief of physical and muscular tension, asthma, cramps etc.
herbalist = willow, hawthorn, guelder rose (vine), ivy

antiviral - protects from unbalanced invasion of micro-organisms
home remedy = pine

aperient - gentle laxative
home remedy = ash, blackthorn

astringent - reduces fluid loss, constricts tissues, such as stop bleeding
home remedy = birch, hazel, apple, blackthorn, elder, gorse
herbalist = rowan, alder, oak, holly, guelder rose (vine), ivy

bitter - fluid lost through bile, another cleansing and detox action
home remedy = alder, ash

cardiac - heart tonic
home remedy, but consult herbalist if on medication = hawthorn

cathartic - strong laxative
herbalist = alder

choloagogue - supports flow of bile through gall bladder and liver
home remedy = birch, pine, heather

demulcant - soothing irritations and inflamations
herbalist = rowan

deodorant - neutralizes body odours
home remedy = pine

diaphorectic - opens the pores and promotes perspiration
home remedy = birch, hazel, blackthorn, heather

digestive - improves enzyme action that improve absorbtion of food
home remedy = apple

diuretic - increases urination, useful when clearing toxins
home remedy = birch, ash, blackthorn, elder, pine, heather
herbalist = rowan, alder, holly, blackthorn

emmenogogue - fluid and toxins cleared through blood flow, balancing menstral flow
home remedy bur reed

expectorant - mucous breakdown and flow
home remedy = pine, heather
herbalist = rowan, holly

febrifuge - lowers body temperature
home remedy = ash, hazel
herbalist = rowan, willow, hawthorn, holly

hemostatic - stops bleeding, speeds up coagulation
herbalist = rowan

laxative - relieve of constipation
home remedy = birch, elder

mucilaginous - sticky substance useful for external use to stop bleeding
home remedy = alder

nutritive - providing good all round food nutrition
home remedy = hazel, apple

relaxant - relief of physical and muscular tension
home remedy = elder

rubefacient - applies heat through the skin
home remedy = pine

sedative - calming relief of mental and nervous tension
home remedy = birch, gorse, heather
herbalist = guelder rose (vine), ivy

stimulant - enhances alertness
home remedy = birch

stomachic - tonic action on the stomach
home remedy = hazel, blackthorn

styptic - stops bleeding
home remedy, external use only = oak

tonic - builds strength
home remedy = oak, hazel, pine

vasoconstrictor - narrows blood vessels
herbalist = heather

vasodilator - expands, enlarges blood vessels
herbalist = rowan

vulnerary - overall external wound healing
home remedy, external use only = rowan